Fancy Frolic

Fancy Frolic. Whilst dog walking on a wintry beach, thoughts turned to hazy, summer days in the sun, frolicking around on the sand.  A delicate blend of Lime Leaf, flower and fresh zest, a hint of Ginger and Strawberry come together to form a smooth flavoured, well-rounded gin with a sunny aspect. Who can resist a frolic? 43%ABV

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What is a micro-distillery & are we one?

People ask us what is the definition of a micro-distillery and are we one? Well, it’s an interesting question and not easily answered. We were reading an American article the other day and it stated that “Maximum production for a ‘craft’ or ‘artisan’ distiller should not exceed 50,000 proof gallons per year. How much is… Continue Reading

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Hello Everyone, There’s so much happening here at Shed 1 HQ that we’re finding it hard to keep up with it all! So, we’ve decided to start a newsletter to keep everyone in the loop about events, new products, collaborations and, drum roll please, the progress of our move from Garden Shed to Cow Shed.… Continue Reading