Distillery Tour & Gin Tasting, Thursday, December 1st, 1pm-5pm


Arrival at 1pm for private meeting until 3pm.
Tea, Coffee and Shortbread provided.
Distillery Tour & Gin Tasting from 3pm, until 5pm:
We’ll start with a Welcome G&T and we, the owners and distillers will show you our micro-distillery and tell you the story of our gin. Then, you can relax in our stylish visitor area while we taste you through our available gins and talk about the botanicals they contain. Depending on the time of year there will always be a minimum of 5 to try.
Once you’ve tasted them, you can choose which is your favourite for your second G&T. Cheers!
Includes a 10% discount on any products bought during your visit.
Drivers can take their 2 G&Ts home to enjoy. Non-alcoholic drinks are available.


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