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#ActuallyMadeIn Campaign

What is the #ActuallyMadeIn Campaign?

Launched by Manchester Gin, Tarquin Cornish Gin, Masons of Yorkshire and Brighton Gin. The #ActuallyMadeIn campaign to help consumers easily recognise where their favourite tipples are made. It’s all about provenance and clarity.

How did #ActuallyMadeIn Campaign start?

From Manchester Gin’s website blog:
“We’re always asked – where do you actually make it? Where is it actually made? Do you actually own a still? We understand why you are asking that, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors in this industry and people are naturally curious. These questions sparked an idea; #ActuallyMadeIn.

In an industry crowded with brands claiming authenticity, ‘Actually Made In’ is our way of speaking out in support of genuine craftsmanship, and inviting consumers to go beyond the label to discover the distilleries at the heart of their favourite spirits, as well as inviting other distilleries across the UK and beyond to join in by showcasing the daily grind and the amazing people behind every drop of their unique spirits.”

Shed One Distillery_Stills_Zoe_Andy

How did Shed One Distillery join #ActuallyMadeIn?

In order to join the campaign and receive our #ActuallyMadeIn badge, we were asked two questions. Here they are, with our answers:
What does the Actually Made In campaign mean to you and why do you want to be involved?

Since before we launched Shed One Distillery, we've known about "gins" (and others) that bear little resemblance to the spirit and whose provenance is shady at best.
On our distillery tours and tastings (hosted by us, the owners and distillers), we talk about this and give advice about how to read a label.
So many of our visitors are surprised, and saddened. It starts discussions between them and us and they leave with knowledge, and respect for those of us who do actually make it.
We are a team of five: ourselves and 3 part-timers. We put so much into what we do, and it can be just a bit soul destroying when we learn of yet another spirit labelled as "craft "artisan" "made in" when that's far from the truth.

Can you share with us some information on your story, spirit(s) and production processes?
Launched in our 7x7 foot Garden Shed in 2016 (Shed One-of two in our garden!) in Ulverston, Cumbria.
Started with a 25 litre still. Bottled and labeled in Shed 2 and wherever else we could find space. Moved to The Old Calf Shed in 2019. Just a stone's throw away from our home.
100 litre pot still-sometimes known as Yentl. Yentl was the last character Andy's mum played in the Amateur Operatic Society in Bury-way, way, back in the day.
Creating, distilling, bottling, labelling, waxing bottles...all at the shed.
As well as traditional botanicals, we utilise locally-grown and foraged botanicals. Plus, supporting community groups and charities.

The Future of #ActuallyMadeIn

The originators of the campaign hope to bring more and more craft distillers onboard and they are creating an #ActuallyMadeIn website where craft distillers, like Shed One Distillery, can be showcased and consumers can find out more.

We look forward to welcoming you to our working craft distillery, showing you around, and chatting about all things botanical. Cheers!


Shed One Distillery:

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