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Shed One Accessibility Statement

Feeling Safe

If you feel uneasy/anxious when visiting us, please talk to a member of staff and we will do what we can to assist you.


Password: 373734CU

Shed One Accessibility Statement

Shed One is constantly striving to exceed customers’ expectations in terms of the general experience, regardless of whether they are able bodied or have any disability – visible or hidden. We aim to provide the highest standards of service to all our customers.  We look forward to welcoming you to Shed One and making your experience with us an enjoyable one. 

Shed One is fully accessible throughout for all abilities.


Our Website: We are continuing to update and simplify text, include visuals and alternative text. An ongoing project which includes checking through older posts and blogs to bring up to date. If you would like more help and ideas regarding making your devices easier to use, Ability Net has a lot of useful advice and guides.

For assistance prior to arrival, please contact us either by telephone (07794699913) or email [email protected].

We are situated in the market town of Ulverston, just off the A590.
Ulverston train station is 0.9 miles away.
Nearest bus stop: 0.2 miles away.

We have a bike rack to the right of the front door.

Nearby towns:
Barrow-in-Furness: 11 miles
Kendal: 24 miles
Coniston: 14 miles

We provide assistance as requested by guests as part of our customer service policy and are more than happy to do what we can, where possible, to enhance our guests experience here at Shed One.

Upon Arrival 

Shed One is situated on Ulverston Auction Mart with plenty of free car parking. The area is owned by Ulverston Auction Mart so please be advised on auction days it is full and busy. Due to this, we don’t generally open to the public on Tuesdays (auction days).

We have a bike rack to the right of the front door.


Leading up to the front double doors there is a gradual stone ramp, which is fully accessible to wheelchair users.
There are no steps into or throughout Shed One.
There is seating within Shed One as you enter with tables at a wheelchair friendly height.
Flooring is concrete throughout.

Public areas – general (internal)

The public areas are even and fully lit with overhead lighting. There is also a large amount of bright natural light in the visitor area via a large picture window.
There is a selection of tables and chairs available of varying height.

Afternoon G&Tea is only bookable in advance and is table service.
The menu is on our website. It does change at times depending on season and ginspiration!
All sweet treats are made on the premises and are gluten-free & vegetarian. Homemade gluten-free bread is available on request. If you have other dietary requirements we will do our best to accommodate you.

Soft drinks and hot drinks are available for non-drinkers / drivers.

Background music is played in the visitor area of Shed One; however noise levels can be lowered. As we only accept small group numbers, we are able to personalise all of our experiences and can offer 1:1 assistance if needed for guests who may have difficulty hearing.

We have a disabled toilet, which is accessed via the visitor area. After feedback from visually-impaired guests, we have brightened the lighting in here.

Assistance dogs are welcome in the visitor area & distillery. Other dogs by arrangement when booking an experience.
When the shop/bar is open to walk-ins, dogs are allowed in that area. We are a small space, and want everyone to feel comfortable; therefore, only two, well-behaved dogs per group.

The Distillery

Guided tours in small numbers are offered at the distillery and we can offer 1:1 assistance to any hard of hearing guests. A hands-on tour is also available for visually-impaired guests.

There are visual boards on the wall of the distillery showcasing our products and background to the Shed, which we discuss with guests as part of the distillery tours.

Wheelchair access continues into our distillery.

If needed, chairs are available during the tour.

There is little natural light in the distillery. We have LED strip lights.

Outdoor facilities

There are no outdoor facilities at the Shed.

Additional information

We have large print and braille general information sheets and tasting notes for visually impaired guests. We also offer a "hands-on" experience.

If you require any assistance during your experience, please do speak to a member of staff.

We have a set evacuation procedure.  A member of staff will assist with your evacuation either out of the building or to a safe refuge.

Our staff have regular emergency training, which includes disability awareness training.

Three of the 5 members of the team are certified first-aiders.

Shed One is a non-smoking establishment.

We have installed air filtration systems in the visitor bar and distillery areas.

All our experiences can be adapted to accommodate differing physical needs.



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Ulverston's Award Winning Gin Distillery launched in a Garden Shed on the outskirts of the English Lake District.

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