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Festive Bramble Gin Elixir Is Back!

This season's Festive Bramble Gin Elixir, the perfect gin gift, is back!

With the nights drawing in, this is the ultimate winter tipple with notes of spiced fruit crumble and figgy pudding. If you're looking for a gin gift for the gin lover in your life, this could just be it.

Festive Bramble Gin Elixir set us on our Shed 1 Gin journey. Through experimenting with foraged fruit we started compounding other botanicals which led to distilling.

These days, our gin elixir starts life as a distilled festively spiced gin. Think warming notes of cinnamon and allspice. After foraging around Ulverston and collecting fruit from our friend’s orchard we create a rich ruby coloured cordial which we add to the gin, along with just enough sugar to bring out those fruit flavours.

Traditionally, it’s a mixture of foraged blackberries and organically grown heritage apples. Curiously, this season’s blackberries weren’t as flavourful as other years. One of the challenges of using local 100% naturally ripened seasonal fruit is that until you taste it you never can tell what you’re going to get! So, to provide the fruity depth we were looking for we’ve included organically grown plums, again from Colin’s orchard. After several tests and numerous tastings we feel we’ve enhanced the richness and depth of flavour, sitting nicely with the festive spices to give an extra warmth.

The blackberries are foraged from around Ulverston’s hedgerows and fields. The apples are grown in our friend’s small orchard. Colin started growing heritage apples a few years ago to bring back those varieties that used to be found in the area. Over the years we’ve incorporated his Dog Snout, Lady’s Finger, Keswick Codlin and Bloody Ploughman apples and they definitely add another dimension and depth that you don’t find in mass produced fruit. Including his organic plums in our elixir brings even more flavour.

What also sets our elixir apart from others is its traditional strength. We start with our festively spiced distilled gin and with the addition of the homemade, locally grown fruit cordial we take the abv down to 40%. In this way we get the best of both worlds: a true gin, plus the sweetened smooth comfort of a real liqueur.

Serving suggestions:
Serve on its own either at room temperature or warmed (to enhance the spice).
With a mixer, add an equal measure of tonic. The tonic brings the berries to the fore.
With or without ice.
You might like to add a splosh to a glass of Prosecco!

For every order we plant an extra tree through our partnership with Ecologi and if you are buying it as a gin gift you can add a gift card and sticker to your order.

*As this is made with foraged, seasonal ingredients we have limited stock. Once it's gone, it's gone until Autumn 2022. This year's batch is approximately 300 bottles.



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