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Shed 1 Click & Collect Afternoon G&Tea

Tea Choices

Fine Lakeland Blend: Pennington’s own blend of the finest Indian, Sri Lankan and African teas, which produce a strong, full-bodied refreshing cup of tea.

Winter: Mild China black tea combined with cinnamon, aromatic cloves and orange peel. This is a treat worthy of year-round enjoyment. A spicy and fresh aroma with a balanced tangy flavour and slightly sweet finish.

Earl Grey: The quintessentially British tea is Black China tea flavoured from oil of Bergamot, which is extracted from the rind of the small acidic Bergamot Orange.

Berry Burst: A mix of elderberries, redcurrants, rosehips, hibiscus blossoms and apple, this tisane produces a berry bursting claret red brew.

Green Tea with Rose: A beautiful Japanese Sencha Green tea laced with delicate rose petals. It has a light floral, sweet and aromatic taste.

Kendal Mint: Kendal Mint Cake helped Edmund Hilary conquer Everest. To celebrate this, Pennington’s blend green gunpowder tea with mint oil giving a refreshing menthol flavour.

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Ulverston's Award Winning Gin Distillery launched in a Garden Shed on the outskirts of the English Lake District.

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