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The Beginning of the Calf Shed. A New Chapter for Shed 1

October 23rd, 2019

Well, we did it! Visitor area is finished and ready for visitors. The Calf Shed Distillery is almost there. We'll be welcoming visitors for limited opening hours between now and the end of the year. Starting in 2020, you'll be able to enjoy Afternoon G&Teas, Make Your Own Gin (Bathtub and Distilled) Experiences, Gin Tastings and Tours. Grand Opening: Saturday, 26th, October: 12-6pm.

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October 13th, 2019

Now all the building work is done we've been able to start getting our design ideas out of our heads and on to the walls! Good job as we only have a week-ish to go till opening. Maybe not quite up to Grand Designs, but then again. Anyone know Kevin McCloud?!

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September, 2019

So, things are really starting to come along now.

We have sockets for stills! A solid wall now has a window with an actual view of Hoad!  We've even started to get paint on the walls. Yes, we are painting one room copper and gold!

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August, 2019

The things you learn about, whether you want to or not!

We were hoping to install a compostable loo, but it's not going to work out so we're going the route of a septic tank. With a septic tank comes a very big hole. When you dig the hole in August you have to expect it to fill up with 4 feet worth's of rain water...!  Thankfully, our builder is getting it pumped out and tank fitted, today.

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June 2019

There's been lots of boarding, knocking holes in walls and partitioning spaces.

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January 2019

So, the most exciting news is all about our new shed.

We knew we had to find a bigger premises but we wanted somewhere that was still in Ulverston and continued our story. When we were told about one of the traditional Cow Sheds in the Auction Mart, Ulverston, we jumped at it!

By the end of 2019, probably sooner, we'll be turning our 7x7 foot brick and slate Shed Distillery back into a Garden Shed and we'll move across the road into our 100x20 foot Cow Shed.  This will give us all the storage space we need, a distillery room where production will increase and a visitor space we've been longing for. You will be able to come and chat, have gin tastings, perhaps the odd gin afternoon tea and, MAKE YOUR OWN GIN experience!

Keep checking back for updates. Cheers!

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Gin, Gin Marmalade, Hampers, Gin Experiences, Crafternoons, Cocktail & Cakes...so much more than a Gin Distillery!

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Shed One is open for Gin Experiences, Venue Hire and Weddings. Contact us for more information.

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