Shed 1 Gin Marmalade Pack


We use fresh zest in our gins which leaves us with a lot of citrus fruit. Zoe boils it up and makes jelly marmalade. We then add a slug of Shed 1 Gin to give each jar a bit of zing! Approximately 20 jars are produced per batch. A portion of every sale is donated to charity through our Marmalade Fund.

Each pack contains 2 jars of marmalade from the following (depending on which are available at time of ordering): Cuckold’s Revenge, Fancy Frolic, Giggle in the Ginnel, Chilli Fest, Shed Loads of Love & Festive Tipple.

Cuckold’s Revenge Jelly Gin Marmalade received a Great Taste Award in 2019 and Shed Loads of Love Jelly Gin Marmalade was awarded a Silver at the World’s Original Marmalade Awards in 2020. To find out more about our Marmalade Fund, please click here



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2 reviews for Shed 1 Gin Marmalade Pack

  1. stephen

    Was lucky enough to try the Festive Tipple. Remember thinking it would taste amazing on hot toast. You can definitely taste the hint of gin.

  2. Suzanne Edgley

    I was so excited to try Cuckold’s Revenge gin marmalade. Is it too early for gn is often a phrase I use and apparently it’s never to early for a hint of gin, delicious on hot toast for breakfast, the perfect start to the day. Simply the best marmalade we’ve tasted in a long time…

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