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Valentine's Day-Not Just For Lovers

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is almost upon us!



Shed Loads of Love

In 2017, we created a gin called Shed Loads of Love. We combined floral and fruit with a hint of chilli to create a sumptuous celebration of love! In 2018 we entered it in the Great Taste Awards and we were so chuffed that the judges agreed with us. Zoe also makes a Shed Loads of Love marmalade. As with all our marmalades, we donate part of each sale to charity through our Marmalade Fund


But what does Valentine's Day mean to you? Many people think of it as being too commercialised, that perhaps it's become more about things than feelings. This could be true, but we also think that having a day that encourages positive, kind feelings and an appreciation for others isn't such a bad thing.



Put it in the diary

With all the best of intentions, finding time to spend quality time with the people we care about it can be challenging. For Andy & I, and our friends, there's only one way of making sure we put time to one side and that's "Put it in the diary". Whether arranging a phone call, a dinner date or a gathering, Valentine's Day is one of those times that easily lends itself to that diary entry.

It's the same for taking care of ourselves. Show yourself some love and make time to have that relaxing bath, light a botanically-scented candle, read a book, or just close your eyes and breathe. Regularly checking in with yourself and touching base with how you feel is something many of us neglect.



Lovers, Friends, Family, Yourself


Valentine's Day is not only a day to celebrate your significant partner. It's a time to celebrate everyone important to you, including yourself, and those who are no longer with us. Any day that puts love and kindness at its fore gets our vote. It doesn't have to be about splashing the cash. We love these Valentine's Cheques you can download from MoneySavingExpert. Let your imagination run wild! You can also find Valentine's deals on the site, too.


However, you choose to celebrate, or not, we wish you a lovely day. We will be raising a glass to all our loved ones, including those who are no longer with us. Cheers!


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