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World Gin Day Facts & Gin Tin

Happy World Gin Day!

June 13th is the day the world celebrates all that is Juniper.

  1. Juniper berries are the major ingredient in Gin but did you know that they aren't actually berries? They are female seed cones with a piney, citrus flavour.
  2. The word "Gin" derives from the Dutch word "jenever" (genever), meaning juniper. However, the original genever wasn't anything like the gin we drink today.
  3. It is believed that juniper berries have been used to flavour alcohol since around the 13th century, when it was referenced in a Flemish manuscript
  4. Back in the day, jenever was sold as a medicine to treat gout, among other things.
  5. According to the WSTA (Wine & Spirit Trade Association) in 2019, 76 million bottles of gin were sold in the UK.

Here at Shed 1 Distillery we're celebrating with the launch of our new product. An interactive Make Your Own Gin Tin. In this stylish tin you'll find 10 high quality botanicals including enough juniper to create between 3 and 6 bottles of your own gin. All you need to do is add spirit (vodka). It even comes with a link to a video where we talk you through the process and give you some ideas, hints and tips. If you would like something more personal, with the Premium Tin we'll book a 30 minute livestream with you where we can create a gin together and you can ask us all your questions.

Here are some stills from the How-To Video.

So, if you're wondering what to buy the gin-lover in your life, look no further. By the look of our orders, there's also going to be some very happy fathers next Sunday (Father's Day, June 21st)!



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