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Shed One Gingerula Cocktail

We were playing with a creamy cocktail idea that would go with our *Fancy Frolic Gin and Amarula came to mind. Being a liqueur made with fruit we knew it would complement the ingredients  in our Fancy Frolic Gin.
Once we created the cocktail we needed a name. So, we handed that job over to our social media followers and were inundated with suggestions! In the end we chose Sarah's Gingerula. In return we sent her enough ingredients to make 4 servings of Gingerula, plus some other Shed 1 Gin goodies!


Shed 1 GINGERULA Cocktail

50ml Shed 1 Fancy Frolic Gin
25ml Amarula

**25ml Ginger Sugar Syrup, plus extra for the glass rim
Crushed chocolate

Dip the rim of a glass in some sugar syrup and then into crushed chocolate. Put the glass in the fridge.
Add the Gin, Amarula & Ginger Sugar Syrup into a cocktail shaker, or any suitable container with a lid.
Add some ice and shake, shake, shake for about 20 seconds.
Strain into the chilled glass and enjoy.


*Fancy Frolic Gin: 3 types of lime, strawberry and a little ginger for heat. Great Taste Award.

**Sugar syrup is made with 1:3 water and sugar, heated until the sugar dissolves. You can add all sorts of flavours and use it for cocktails or drizzling over pancakes, ice cream...and anything else you fancy! 


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