Fancy Frolic 50cl


Fancy Frolic received a Great Taste Award 1-star (Simply Delicious) in August 2019. Whilst dog walking on a wintry beach thoughts turned to hazy, summer days in the sun, frolicking around on the sand.  Those thoughts led to a gin with a lovely sunny aspect whose mix of ginger, strawberries and three types of lime: petals, leaf and fresh zest, can be enjoyed all year round!  Who can resist a frolic? 43%ABV


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  1. stephen

    Wonderful flavour! So refreshing yet not overpowering when drunk neat – it would work well in most cocktails or in a Martini.

  2. Marylin

    Really come into its own when mixed

  3. Guy

    With the subtle hint of ginger I really like this ! Neat with crushed ice transports you to the Caribbean 😉

  4. Barbara Ellwood

    This gin was delicious with its aromatic flavours typically associated of English summer. Lovely to enjoy in the garden on sunny days and would bring reminiscences of summer anytime of year.

  5. Nicky

    Refreshing, with a great balance of flavour. A wonderful gin.

  6. Zoe

    It really works well as a long drink. Tall glass, a few ice cubes and lots of mixer. Cheers!

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