Chuckleberry Gin 50cl

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Chuckleberry Gin is our latest creation and will be the first of a range of bathtub (compounded, not distilled) gins.

Made with Chuckleberries, they are a real thing!, a hybrid berry incorporating a gooseberry, redcurrant and jostaberry (which is a mix of gooseberry and blackcurrant). It has a unique tart sweetness which we’ve complemented with the herby notes of Meadowsweet and Hyssop.  All natural botanicals with no colourings or sugar added*, by not distilling we keep the beautifully vibrant colour of the Chuckleberries. 40%abv

To serve: We created this gin with tonic in mind and the perfect serve would be a classic one: 1 part gin, to 3 parts tonic (Fever Tree Premium is our choice) and a couple of ice cubes. No garnish needed.

Before launch, we sent out a few 5cl samples of Chuckleberry and here’s just one of the reviews we got back: “Thank you for the lovely samples of Chuckleberry! I did not share and have enjoyed both little bottles to myself…I love it! The colour is great – it’s so exciting to have a pink gin which isn’t super-sweet. I must say how much I love the packaging/branding too – even if I didn’t love the taste, I’d buy a bottle just to look at. As for the taste – I’m a big fan. Shed Loads of Love is my favourite and I think this is big competition – the little bit of sweetness with a big hit of tartness is so refreshing and totally for me. I think it’ll be a great one for the summer too. It tastes complex and it changes on the palette and I’m excited to buy a bottle and try it in some cocktails!” K. Goodall

*If your Chuckleberry is a little cloudy (esters) it just means it’s been stored in cold temperatures. This also shows that the gin is natural and crafted, NOT mass-produced under factory conditions.  If we were to pump it through plate filters after refrigerating (chill-filtration) the cloudiness would be removed, but so would some flavour and mouthfeel. Just give the bottle a good shake. As a natural product the colour will fade over time but the taste will remain as lovely if stored in a cool, dark place.

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1 review for Chuckleberry Gin 50cl

  1. Keith Ivison

    Ordered this after hearing Amy on LBC as I loved the story. Being totally honest Gin is more a summer afternoon long drink for me but this chuckleberry is a winner with a nice Fever Tree tonic, what a lovely drink. I think I have found a new fave.

  2. Zoe

    Thank you so much for taking a chance! Brilliant that you’re enjoying it. Cheers!

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